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RE: Floor pan and spring hangers (longish) SPRITE CONTENT

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Subject: RE: Floor pan and spring hangers (longish) SPRITE CONTENT
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 10:04:00 -0600
See below:

*** My question is how to remove the cast spring
hanger assembly as the floor pan is sandwiched between
the spring hanger and spring box??***

Mine (Midget mk1) are bolted in.

Moss no longer sells the Bug floor pans, I understand
the possibility of trimming to fit but are they
significantly different?

The accelerator pedal attachment is different.

Others have commented, but an observation:

My buddy Curt is replacing the floor pans on a round arch. The panels he
recently acquired from Moss are different, right from left.

The driver's side (left) does not have any of the driveshaft tunnel floor

The right side has half of the tunnel bottom and has a "half-cutout" for a
hole that would allow access to the front U-joint. Practical perhaps but not
original If you wholly replace the floor, you will have to patch in the
missing part of the drivebshqaft tunnel. The only part of this that is at
all difficult is shaping the curve at the rear of the tunnel floor, so that
your homemade half mates up nicely with the Moss panel. Curt made up a
hardwood buck, I may be able to get him to lend it out when he's done with

Phil Vanner

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