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Re: NO LBC - "Wheel Chock" needs a home

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Subject: Re: NO LBC - "Wheel Chock" needs a home
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 11:32:24 -0500
Well, not his real name, but given the humor on this list, I thought that 
subject would get some attention. ;-)

For the second point, no joke really. Our first cat "Oreo" is a very skittish 
female, and since he's been in the house she's been hiding under the couch. 
Lately he's inimidated her so much that she's afraid to come out to eat or use 
the litterbox. We have them separated now. 

Of course, now that she's out of the way, he's turned his attentions on the 
other female "Peanut", who is not afraid to defend herself. Still, he's bigger 
than she is, so she'll often get cornered by him. 

When he's not chasing the other cats he's very affectionate to my wife and I. 
Lucky for him, because if he wasn't I would have strangled him a while ago. 
(j/k, but you know what I mean) I think it's a survival tactic.

In the interests of household harmony, he needs to go. I have been asking 
locally (read: at work, and anyone else I know) for help in finding him a home, 
and given that there are some on the list that actually like cats, I fugured it 
was worth a shot. I hope mjb doesn't ban me for using up so much bandwidth on 
something with no LBC, but you all have been helpful to me in the past. 

Thanks for any help.


Chris King   - cbking@alum.rpi.edu

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From "Michael Lupynec" <mlupynec at globalserve.net>
Date:  Mon, 4 Feb 2002 10:43:51 -0500

>Love the name, who's going to pay for shipping? If it's over $5 I
>guess he's a dead duck.
>>He's very affectionate, but simply does not get along with our
>other two cats (females).>
>Where have I heard that before?? This is a joke, n'est-ce pas?
>Mike L
>60A,67E,59Bug,Kitty, kitty.... (or more often psst, psst,

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