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Re: an exhausting question

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Subject: Re: an exhausting question
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 11:35:52 EST
something has either broke or come loose in the exhaust 
> department, under the hood. 


How do you know this? Or starting the car and listening for a leak.  Another 
way is to spray carb cleaner around the manifold with the engine running to 
see whether it 
changes the idle speed.  If it does, you have a leak or a crack.

The symptoms is that the engine sounds as if the exhaust is open.  I took the 
car out last weekend (when it was almost spring-like) and there was no 
problem.  Yesterday, when I started it up there was clearly something loose 
or broken in the exhaust system, it isn't as loud as straight pipes, but it 
is loud and coming from under the hood in the exhaust manifold, cat/pipe 
area.  I could not see anything that was evident.  If it is the exhaust 
manifold cracked how much more difficult is it to install a header system, 
which could I use and where to get it besides Moss and Vicky Brit.?  Thanks 
for all of the help.
John Poynton
79 Midget "Yellow Fever"
Havertown Pa 19083

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