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NO LBC Computer Help

To: "spridgets" <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: NO LBC Computer Help
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 17:45:36 -0500
As the subject says, I need some computer software expert
advice...................(I know there are a few here)

I have Windows 95 on my computer.  I've been happy with it BUT Microsoft is
stopping support for it and most, if not all, the new gadgets and widgets
aren't supported/written to work with Win95.  So I want to upgrade my software
to WinME.  I have a Win ME disc and according to MS web site I can 'easily'
(their words not mine) upgrade my 95 to ME.  I have their instructions and
understand all but one step.

"Back up your files"

Question 1  Does this mean documents I have written, documents that I have
copied and stored, pictures, drawings, 'Favorites' file, email Address book,
etal  ONLY or do I have to backup more than that?

Question 2  What about non-microsoft software that I have.  Does that have to
be backed up or only the files that I have in them?  I have a CAD program, a
web site builder program, a anti pop up software, game software, etc. Do these
have to be backed up or do nothing at all?

Obigatory LBC content;  Weather permiting I will be picking up another '59
Bugeye to add to my growing collection of cars (sic) which has a genuine
Speedwell Monza bonnet and a few other racing goodies.

Biff Jones
Pasadena, MD
'59 Bugeye, 'Kermit'
'59 Speedwell :{) parts car?
'62 Sprite, 'Ole Gray'
'71 Midget, 'Freebie'

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