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Re: NO LBC Computer Help

To: "Biff Jones" <biffjones@erols.com>, "spridgets" <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: NO LBC Computer Help
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 15:06:45 -0800

Two scenarios.

Best/worst case. If something goes wrong and the drive will no longer start
up properly, a complete hard disk back will facilitate retoring it to
original state before you did the upgrade.

Next case. You should back up everything that you could not restore form
original disks, should disk become unusable or files become corrupted.
Restoring becomes more of a manual process.

Absolute minumum. Back up all documents you created that you can not
replace or do without.

Depending on your backup software, sometines you can choose a setting that
will do these different things for you automatically.


At 5:45 PM -0500 2/6/02, Biff Jones wrote:
>As the subject says, I need some computer software expert
>advice...................(I know there are a few here)
>I have Windows 95 on my computer.  I've been happy with it BUT Microsoft is
>stopping support for it and most, if not all, the new gadgets and widgets
>aren't supported/written to work with Win95.  So I want to upgrade my software
>to WinME.  I have a Win ME disc and according to MS web site I can 'easily'
>(their words not mine) upgrade my 95 to ME.  I have their instructions and
>understand all but one step.
>"Back up your files"
>Question 1  Does this mean documents I have written, documents that I have
>copied and stored, pictures, drawings, 'Favorites' file, email Address book,
>etal  ONLY or do I have to backup more than that?
>Question 2  What about non-microsoft software that I have.  Does that have to
>be backed up or only the files that I have in them?  I have a CAD program, a
>web site builder program, a anti pop up software, game software, etc. Do these
>have to be backed up or do nothing at all?
>Obigatory LBC content;  Weather permiting I will be picking up another '59
>Bugeye to add to my growing collection of cars (sic) which has a genuine
>Speedwell Monza bonnet and a few other racing goodies.
>Biff Jones
>Pasadena, MD
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