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Re: axles

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Subject: Re: axles
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 04:05:28 EST
In a message dated 2/18/02 9:21:13 PM, JPASCHKE@bak.rr.com writes:

<< Excuse me, I know everyone's soo busy but I asked a couple days ago about
this. One of my rear axles has some in and out play, maybe an 1/8 inch. How
much is OK if any? I noticed this on a brake job and I did check the big
nut. >>


Had your post out for the real expert (Bob) to look at, but he just asked 
more questions, like does this car have wire wheels?  If you  get them off 
the floor, do the wheels wobble from side to side?  How much?  Sorry we 
didn't get back to you sooner, but we have had some ups and downs too, and 
are currently waiting out the possibility that we didn't blow the engine in 
my Festiva yesterday.  We just replaced the axles on the bugeye and have been 
putting off closing the thread on wobbly wheels (from October).

1960 Bugeye (Mk. IV in disguise)
1966 Sprite Mk. III (Still in Boxes)

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