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Re: axles

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Subject: Re: axles
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 08:11:11 -0800
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Thanks for the replies, You all have confirmed my suspicions that I need a
hub. I'll check my parts cars and see if I have a good one. Thanks again to
all who replied. I was in denial about the hub being bad and tried to tell
myself it was OK. This is a steel wheel car and when I was doing the brakes
I noticed on this side I had Mike Maclean's axle gap problem until I pulled
the hub out to the axle and then saw that the hub could move on the bearing.
Now I know that is a no - no.

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Subject: RE: axles

> Hi Jon,
> Are you talking about the axle itself or the hub housing?  Pull the drum
> off of the side with the play.  Look and see where the movement is
> happening.  If the bearing sticks on the axle, and the hub housing
> moves, then you'll need to either replace the hub housing, or take it to
> a machine shop and get it sleeved so the bearing fits in tight.  If the
> bearing is loose on the axle, then you'll need to have work done on the
> axle so the bearing fits tight.
> I've seen the housing be the problem most every time.  You say that you
> aren't noticing any effects right now, but eventually you will.  The
> slop will become large enough that your wheel will start to shimmy.
> Hope this helps.
> Greg Gowins
> '69 Sprite
> Dublin, CA
> Excuse me, I know everyone's soo busy but I asked a couple days ago
> about
> this. One of my rear axles has some in and out play, maybe an 1/8 inch.
> How
> much is OK if any? I noticed this on a brake job and I did check the big
> nut.
> Jon
> 73 Midget

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