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Re: WAS Original Bugeye Parts - NOW Bugeye Mirror Glass

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Subject: Re: WAS Original Bugeye Parts - NOW Bugeye Mirror Glass
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 21:24:30 -0500
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type79@ix.netcom.com wrote:

> Since this topic was brought up, does anyone have a source for the > thin 
>mirror stock that fits inside the Bugeye and Mk II mirrors? 

Yes, I have a few 1x4 sheets of the stuff here at home.
But you can buy a cheapo hang on the back of the closet door mirror and have
enough thin mirror to reglaze a few dozen mirrors.
Score it only ONCE snap it off and sand the corners round with an emory sanding
belt in a belt sander (or spend an evening ad sand it by hand)
You may break the first one or 2 but I have successfully reglazed a few mirrors.
Check K-mart or wally world for the cheap mirrors, the ones with the plastic
frames are usually the thin ones. Smaller $5 mirrors can be found or the full
length door mirrors give you plenty of chances to learn.

Frank Clarici
Toms River, NJ
A few Sprites

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