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Re: bugeye racing history-proper documentation?

To: "Jacques Le Clainche" <jleclainche@cox.net>, "Spridgets" <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: bugeye racing history-proper documentation?
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 13:46:20 -0500
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ok, ya wanna do this the right way!
first photo copy evry news letter front with the dates of publication and
related pages of text .  secondly take the rollbar stamping if it exists and
have the issuing region reissue a new SCCA log book as a continuation log
under the original issued number.  15-300 (ficticious number i just made up
for example purposes)would be SCA region #15 and possibly #300 log book
issued!  although some regions have lost records and began reissuing log
books at a significantly higher number than the last recorded in the lost
original issuing series.  now!  if your car predates 1972 (the accepted year
of standardised issuance of log books , although there are examples going
back to i believe 1969 in certain areas?)  then it becomes a paper chase to
slowly go back through news letters and any period periodicals wich cover
racing of the period to find pictures and text relating to the H-production
of the era.   next is establishing a continum of ownership through the race
results reporting the driver at each event.
and the most definitive documentation to go hand in hand with the race
results are period photos from the area popular photographers and region
shutter bugs.   if the ownerdid not have a region or organizational assigned
number for competition the car could have been campagined as any number
imagineable each time it was raced.   photographs document the number
changes wich confirm the race results.   remember there are race results ane
entry lists! do not confuse the two!  just because it was entered does not
mean it ever showed up at the event let alone ran.  if any of the last
owners or their family are alive or in the area they might have photos or
programs or even some old trophys still in their posession!  my father has
trophys from the late 50's up to the late 60's stil in his posession and
almost evry dash plaque from all of his automotive racing career!  i have
his 1954 nascar member pin wich was his last year racing with nascar before
he started sports car racing in 1955.    so do not discount the family of
the owner having some neat treasures afteryou establish the continum of
the more hard evidence you posess(copy evrything!  pictures programs and
entry lists and results!)  a well documented vintage car is far more
valuable and interesting after you know where it has been and who sat in it,
let alone the possibility someone famous may have drove it!
randy canfield co drove my car with david roethel in an enduro at marlboro
back in the early 60's!  randy went on to become Mr. H-production racing
bugeyes for years and years after his ride in my car.   i have a complete
history of my car from showroom to my finding it in a field in north jersey
with a tree growing through the right floor 29 years ago.   it's neat to
know where it has been!  i was at some of the exact same events it ran at as
a child when my father was racing !  i ended up with a car i probably saw
racing and do not remember seeing it !  (H-production was a huge class back
in the 60's and very popular.   so identifying 1 white bugeye from a gaggle
of them would be tough unless we knew the driver and socialised with him
back then.  and the only one we knew wel li remember was ben loquasto (his
brother al went on to run the frosty root beer special at indy) from easton
so there ya go!  documentation istough going but rewarding to say the very

SUDAR bugeye #1 ex DC region exec dir. david roethel (now DC region
historian!) and susan roethel car H-production from showroom in 1961 (sold
as a left over 1959!)  to 1964.
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Subject: RE: bugeye racing history-proper documentation?

> Spridgeteers,
> This is for the "Spridget historian" type amongst us...
> I finally found a long-time SCCA offical who has lots of old San Diego
> region SCCA newsletters- she is going through them and has already found
> several mentions of my racing Bugeye... what is the "proper" procedure for
> documenting the history of the car- should I content myself with listing
> dates/venues/results, or should I get photocopies of the newsletters as
> well?
> I know this car was also raced up north (CA), but I drew a blank there.
> Jacques LC

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