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Re: Compressor (buying) help wanted

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Subject: Re: Compressor (buying) help wanted
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 20:28:52 -0800 (PST)
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I found if you buy tools from the stores like harbor freight, Lowe's, Home 
cheapo and the other discount stores you get what you pay for. They are usually 
throw away tools. You use them once and throw them away. Even Sears tools are 
pretty bad unless you buy the high end tools. If you look in the news paper for 
places going out of Business or Auctions you can get a deal on almost 
everything and they are industrial models built to take a beating and last. I 
got racks i can put cars on to store them, work bench, metal shelfs, air 
compressor and air tools at a real savings. They will usually let you fire up 
to make sure they work if you ask.  
I went out and looked and my air compressor and it does not have a name tag 
only a number stamped in the tank so i do not know who made it. Even the motor 
only has a GE number i looked up and it is only for the motor. I have had it 
for several years and i have not found any thing it can not run. I run a air 
lift, all kinds of air tools and a media blasting unit. One thing i would 
suggest is to use water filters on all the lines and oilers in front of your 
air tools.  
Sorry i can not help you more.
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