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Re: Re: Controversy over Ottawa Pileup

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Subject: Re: Re: Controversy over Ottawa Pileup
From: Robert Duquette <robertduquette@sympatico.ca>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 11:05:33 -0500
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In an odd twist of fate, Big Brother is after the rich, not the poor.  I can't 
afford a car with the 'black box'. :)

Does anyone know when they started putting them in?

I'm not quite sure where I stand on this.  A person could stand on a different 
side of the fence depending on whether they are the wrecker or the wreckee.
> Tough luck for you Canadians, mate.  Big brother is not only watching,
> he's deciding how you should behave - and by his rules, not yours.
> Wonder how much longer it will be before we Yanks have to file
> civil rights suits againts our government for the same thing......
> Cheers!!
> Jim - Midget sans black box et avec Colt 45 in Dodge City

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