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RE: Cherry Mk-IV Sprite

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Subject: RE: Cherry Mk-IV Sprite
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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 07:28:49 -0600
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You know, it seems as if people (the people that own them) are always
willing to devalue these cars that we collect. They also like to ride both
sides of the "value" fence. They'd never agrees to sell their own car for
less than they think it's worth, but take issue with people that want more
than they think it's worth.

Historical value? I'm not even sure I know where to apply that term. I
suppose you could apply historical value to a car once raced by the Works.
Or, maybe a car once owned by a celebrity. But, since "value" is really
always relative, some car once owned by your Uncle Joe, that you inherited
could have as much historical value to you. I have a 100-6 I've owned since
'73... my high school car. Does that make it of more historical value to
you? Nope. To me? Yep. Again, value is always relative.

In an era of $30,000 economy cars, in my opinion, a $10,000 '69 Sprite ain't
such a bad thing. I'm not sure wha the $30k econo box will be worth in 10 or
30 years from now, but I'm willing to bet its "value" won't be going up.
Especially when buying a documented low mileage car, you never pay too much,
you just buy too soon.

And, if some buyer would rather ante up now, and enjoy it, rather than buy a
roach and bugger it up with a bad home restoration that doesn't see the
light of day for 5 or 10 years, more power to him. 

I've got 2 Bugeyes I wouldn't sell for $25k each. Hell, I wouldn't sell them
for double that. Does that make me a dick? I may be one, but not for that

I think I prefer the term "historical interest",or "historical significance"
rather than historical value. Not only are low mileage originals rare, they
have historical interest for those need a reference for restoration. 

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> As much as I love Sprites and as nice as it is, it's still a '69 and 
> objectively speaking a '69 is of little historical value.

"Little historical value"??? This was the last year for Austin-Healey 
Sprites! Yes, I know that they made Austinn Sprites for a couple more years,

but not Austin-Healey, since the contract with the Donald had expired. Also 
the last year they were broought to the US. Historically sad, perhaps...
David Lieb
Historically insignificant Midget 

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