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Re: Help needed now - Brake light switch

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Subject: Re: Help needed now - Brake light switch
From: "Ed" <justbrits@comcast.net>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 22:13:27 -0600
Delivered-to: mharc@demo.fatchancegarage.com
References: <NGBBKOMNILJCEADKHKJOGEHOGJAA.abcoz@hky.com> <B403F1C3-6FB5-441E-9181-6ECA59ABDB35@valentinephoto.net> <E91C7E2A-5B6F-4CA8-85C9-E51C1A9F9092@bbl.med.upenn.edu> <C70A9EC5-B990-4198-A317-DFAF80A90610@valentinephoto.net>
Reply-to: "Ed" <justbrits@comcast.net>
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PPPC most likely not around 'til Mon, Kev.   Big swap meet in Wheaton, IL


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