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Yet another few seat questions (sorry!!)(verbose post)

To: "Lester Ewing" <lewing@sport.rr.com>, <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Yet another few seat questions (sorry!!)(verbose post)
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 11:45:04 -0600
Les and list:
OK, have some pics from Lester on recovering my seats, few more querstions (I
know, I know, should be easy, right?)
On the seat bottom, my intention was to use the D clips, and was even warned
by Biff to be careful to NOT let the clips dig holes into the cover. So, of
course, I dug a few holes into the cover.....well, at least they're hidden
pretty well. Also having trouble with the backrest, which I'll describe in a
moment, but upshot is that I visited a trim shop I've dealt with a loooong
time ago, they've been around quite awhile and seemed familiar with Spridget
seats. On the bottoms, they suggested what Les' pictures show, which is to
forget the D clips, at least on the rear edge, and glue and rivet them down to
the underside of the pan. Fine, BUT my question is there are the 3 tabs on the
frame that the pan slide under, is this a problem? The original way is you
sort of folded up the excess and the D clips went "down" onto the lip, so you
were left with an edge to go under the 3 tabs, not a sheet of straight vinyl.
Hard to describe, but the problem is the 3 tabs I would think would poke into
the seat cover. 'Course I already HAVE a few holes, so what the heck, what's 3
On the backrest covers, the piping is bunching up on the edge, it's the trim
shops opinion that the rear of the backrest cover is too small. Has anyone had
an experience like that? Trying to send a pic back to AH Spares, also going to
see if the other cover fits any better, to see if it's AH Spares suppliers
template, or just this 1 cover is bad. Trim shop said to try to get a good
cover and yes I should be able to do it myself, or if I wanted it fixed,
probably 1.5-2 hrs at $50/hr.

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