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Re: GM Alternator

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Subject: Re: GM Alternator
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 21:18:15 -0500
Cc: "spridgets" <spridgets@autox.team.net>
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Note that the mounting on an MGB is different than an Spridget. You  
can do almost the same thing, but it is not exact. The tensioner/ 
adjuster is laid out different.


On Feb 8, 2006, at 9:00 PM, Spike wrote:

> http://www.onefastmgb.com/pages/6/index.htm
>      Check this conversion out.  I did this on my MGB and plan on
> doing it
>  when the Lucas dies on my spridget.  Fits just like the lucas and
>  about the same size, all you do is rotate the case, wire it and it
> fits
>  the stock mounting.  Not bad for 90amps.
>  Spike


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