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Re: Anti sway bar mounting..

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Subject: Re: Anti sway bar mounting..
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 17:34:06 -0500
References: <C928851F-DCB7-4EE5-8CC4-0113C1997BD1@sport.rr.com>
I have a template you can have Lester.  Got it courtesy of Frank Clarici. 
Give me a fax number and I can send it to you.

Phil Nase

| Ok, so I'm about ready to drill some holes in the A arms when I
| thinks to myself, why not check Horler's book just to make sure.. of
| course, Horler's book shows an entirely different type of mounting
| bracket  (Incidental pics on page 31 and 37).  Mine was donated by
| Chuck (IIRC) and has an oblong sot of shape.  The ones in the book
| are just straps of metal with a hole in each end and the spherical
| joint in the middle.  The ones that Chuck sent are NOT symmetrical
| and have the spherical joint at one end and three bolts holding it in
| place..
| Any help before i commit non-original sin??
| Lester

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