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Re: Tach reduction gear

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Subject: Re: Tach reduction gear
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 15:37:29 -0600
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Well, I sure don't want to start a big controversy, I'll stick to what I am
saying though. Early ones had the hex nut and you could easily disassemble
them (put together with nuts and bolts) to clean and lube. The early ones
went with the knurled collar and were held together with a metal band, which
are *possible* to take apart but takes a good welder to put that band back
on after being cut open. Probably saved a few pence per car with that design
I assume. Why a 1971 date with the early style part? No clue, someone like
PPP could maybe explain it. Why a date stamped on it at all? Inventory? No
clue. Just ink stamped on the box, or on the part itself, or where is the
date? Would hardly have a bearing on how the car was originally built.
What's the part number? The ones with the knurled collar are alot harder to
find than the hex, reflecting that the rare ones were only used maybe 9
months or so and the common ones more like 3 to 4 years.
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> You bet I do!
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> >>         Then why does my NOS Smiths gear reduction drive, in the
> >>         original box, have a date of 1 July 1971 on it?  Is this a
> >>         retro copy of an earlier version?  From the many Bugeyes I
> >>         have owned and seen come through my friend's restoration shop,
> >>         when the early cars arrived in un-restored condition, they had
> >>         the knurled nut.  All the later cars had the hex nut.
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> > Why?  Because you belong to a cult under the hypnotic control of Healey
> > voodooism.
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> > Buster Evans
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