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RE: From the weatherman!

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Subject: RE: From the weatherman!
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 12:31:52 -0600
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Yeah, it was an interesting day. Has about 12" of snow and 40 mph winds.

Rt. 41 was closed to the south and north of the Dream Farm.

Tonight, temps will be in the -15 to -20 degree range. (No, not wind
chill... temps.) With the wind chill, -50.

Ya hey der, livin' life large in Cheeseland.

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Just read this one!!  Jim should like it!  Pa
As the cold front moved through Wisconsin on Thursday, the state got a mix
rain, sleet, snow, lightning, thunder and high winds gusting 50 mph. Scores
motorists ended up in ditches, and Green Bay had over a foot of snow.

"It was a great system," said Steve Davis, of the National Weather Service
Sullivan. "For meteorologists, these are extremely interesting."

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