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Re: From the weatherman!

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Subject: Re: From the weatherman!
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 11:03:13 -0800
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This'll impress you about how terrible it's out here in western Oregon!

Tomorrow is forecast for that date, it will be like the first time on
record, or something similar, temperature will not go above freezing in
Portland!!!  Dandelions are up, Rhubarb is a foot high, lawn needs mowing!

Stray warm and take care of yourselves.

Paul A

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> Paul et al,
> You forgot hail!  Maybe we'uns in Burlington were the only ones blessed
> with that meteorological occurrence.
> Poor folks in California have such boring sunny weather and mudslides
> and fires and quakes.
> I'm headed to the FL Keys for a week; we have any members down there?
> Dave in beautiful Burlington WI where it's sunny and 21 deg. F and ice
> 59 :{)
> 59 MGA 1500
> 05 MCS
> Paul Asgeirsson wrote:
> > Just read this one!!  Jim should like it!  Pa
> > As the cold front moved through Wisconsin on Thursday, the state got a
mix of
> > rain, sleet, snow, lightning, thunder and high winds gusting 50 mph.
Scores of
> > motorists ended up in ditches, and Green Bay had over a foot of snow.
> >
> > "It was a great system," said Steve Davis, of the National Weather
Service in
> > Sullivan. "For meteorologists, these are extremely interesting."

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