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RE: And then there were 399

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On occasion, the VSCDA's spring time "bring a friend" night at Continental
Motors (Ferrari, Maserati, and nearly everything else expensive) they invite
the Ferrari club.

Man oh man...when ya get a load of those folks you know what they meant when
they coined the phrase money can't buy good taste. Ya never saw so many
comb-overs, toupees, plastic hooters, loud leather jackets, gold chains,
pinkie rings.... whew.

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I gotta say, though, that the Enzo seems like it would be more fun to have.


On 2/23/06, Hal Faulkner <hal@katemuir.com> wrote:
> OOOPs, I was a bit miserly on my valuation of van Gogh's paintings.  The
> highest paid for a van Gogh was 82.5M.  So you could have purchased more
> than 80 Enzos for the cost of 1 van Gogh.  That aught to put those
> pretentious Ferrari owners in their place!!

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