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RE: And then there were 399

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Subject: RE: And then there were 399
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I remember a descriptive phrase, from Car & Driver (in the pre-Yates days,
before it lost all credibility), describing drivers of Ferraris, and other
exotics, as "greaseballs, and wealthy illiterates".  What you've described
sounds to me like the modern incarnation of those same "greaseballs &
wealthy illiterates".  Isn't it reassuring to find that some things never
Bud Osbourne

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Subject: RE: And then there were 399

On occasion, the VSCDA's spring time "bring a friend" night at Continental
Motors (Ferrari, Maserati, and nearly everything else expensive) they invite
the Ferrari club.

Man oh man...when ya get a load of those folks you know what they meant when
they coined the phrase money can't buy good taste. Ya never saw so many
comb-overs, toupees, plastic hooters, loud leather jackets, gold chains,
pinkie rings.... whew.

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