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Re: [Spridgets] The MG Valdez may be fixed!

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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] The MG Valdez may be fixed!
From: "Jim Johnson" <bmwwxman@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 23:34:22 -0500
Should make for an interesting saga.  I tried going over everything
with the flashlight and magnifying glass along with a stick magnet.
Next I will try blowing things out with air to see if the elusive bit
shows up. Then I will try Bob's idea of checking each push rod hole
with a magnet. That will leave head removal as a last resort.

By the way, Bob - not blaming you for this - it's my fault for not
removing the valve cover to try to make the adjustment. The thought
did occur to me. I was just in too much of a rush!
What happened is the little pin came completely out of the neck of the
filler leaving behind the hole it was originally inserted into! Live
and learn, I guess!

Jim - 68 Midget in Dodge City

On 9/9/07, Bob Van Kirk <racerbob70@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Great! Blame it on me......  Okay since you think I
> got you in this mess lets try and see if I can get you
> out of it. There is only one place for it to be since
> you checked the usual places and that is down along
> side one of the push rods.  You will have to remove
> the push rods closest to the filler hole and place a
> long slender magnet down the push rod hole.  First,
> rotate the engine so that the rockers to these push
> rods are loose then slacken off the adjusting nuts and
> screw the adjusters to give maximum slack.  Now
> working with one at a time push the rocker away from
> the pedestal and slowly pull up on the push rod.  Put
> the magnet down this hole and see what it pulls out.
> The piece can't get into the oil pan and you can't
> dislodge the lifters.  If you don't find it here then
> start looking again around the valve springs as they
> are recessed into the head and a lot of oil remains in
> the area giving a good hiding place for the errant
> piece.  I knew that the clip was spring steel but
> didn't thing it would snap that easily. Made in
> China??? Look at this way, you have proven one of
> Murphy's Laws.......
>   I have had a similar problem at the track one time
> and the above is how I recovered my part..  I was
> changing a broken valve spring without removing the
> head and one of the split collars that go around the
> top of the valve fell into the push rod hole.  I
> didn't have a proper sized magnet but found a very
> large horseshoe one so just placed it on the push rod
> magnetizing it, then pulled it and the collar out of
> the hole.
>   Let me know what happens....
> Bob
> --- Jim Johnson <bmwwxman@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Ummm....    I have a confession to make....
> >
> > Bob's suggestion below sounded like such a great
> > idea that I tried it.
> >
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