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[Spridgets] 1/4 elliptic to semi-elliptic comparison

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Subject: [Spridgets] 1/4 elliptic to semi-elliptic comparison
From: "Bud Osbourne" <abcoz@hky.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 14:17:49 -0400
Before work forces me back into lurk mode, again, I wanted to ask some
of you who have recent experience in both 1/4 and semi-elliptic
Spridgets for some comparison comments.  The reason I ask is that it's
been at least forty years since I've been in a 1/4 elliptic Spridget.
I've got a Mk I Midget that I'd kind of like to have ready for the drive
to L of the O (50th Anniversary), next June, and I'm just wondering what
sort of ride & handling I can expect from it, as compared to the '72 &
'73 Midgets that we (my sons & I) will also be driving.  I expect that
it'll be somewhat harsh, but, is it as bad as some guys have said it is?
BTW, I routinely spend 8 or 10 hours "in the saddle" of my '72 Midget,
and find it to be no problem (comfort-wise).
Bud Osbourne

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