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Subject: [Spridgets] Looking to Trade Stuff
From: "Mark" <mark@nashvilletn.org>
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 15:27:37 -0500
It's garage cleaning time and I found a coupe of things that are too good to
throw out but that I don't need or want.

I have a used top for a Bugeye with the two lift the dot studs on the
windscreen.  No tears, no fogging on the windows, black, does not include
the two tenax fasteners or metal bars front or back.  I replaced it with a
top with a zip out window and I don't need it.  It was a bit tight on my car
but I could install it on a sunny day without too much effort.

Next is a pair of Bugeye seat upholstery covers.  The seat bottoms are on a
piece of plywood; not on seat pans.  The backs are in good shape as are the
hinge covers .  I had this in my car until a couple of weeks ago.  Black
with white piping.  The bottoms have the usual dings from the seat frames
and the backs have a couple of rubs from the top frame.  All in all they
would be good for a driver or a car awaiting restoration.  Actually I won
several first place trophies with them just as they are.  I had new leather
seats made and don't need these.

I am not looking to sell them but I would trade for a rebuildable pair of
HS2's, all I ask is that the screws will come out and the pistons and
needles are not frozen, an early manifold would be nice but not required.  I
could also use a couple of spare float lids for HS carbs, one front and one
back or even two fronts.  I also need a green lens for my turn signal
indicator lamp.

Please respond directly as not to clutter the list.

I also have a pair of nice side screen frames, brackets and new rubber seals
that I should put on eBay.  I think there are a couple of pieces of plexi
that could be used as a pattern.  I cleaned them up but there are some
scratches and dings in the frames.  If you need them let me know, I accept
cash or good Scotch.

In the unlikely event of multiple similar deals the one with the soonest
email response date wins.  Or if your are really desperate call my cell 615
943-6328.  It has been one of "those days" at work today so if I sound
"smashed" I probably will be in a few hours!  Waiting on "Just Ed's"


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