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Re: [Spridgets] SU question for racer types...

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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] SU question for racer types...
From: "Mark Haynes" <haynes386@netzero.net>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 20:35:33 GMT
When we first bought the Spit racer, the HS2s on it were in this condition.
After talking with some of the Sprite/Spit racers, the conclusion that we came
to was this- The dashpot dampers had been removed to 'help it accelerate
faster', since the dashpot dampers slow the rise of the dashpots.
It was flawed logic. All that removing the dampers did was to (as Kirk said)
cause the dashpots to rise erroneously fast leading to a huge lean condition
as it accelerated and a flat spot in the power curve. We played with heavy
weight oils, light weight oils and no oil and found (surprise, surprise) that
SU designed them pretty well and that using a lightweight oil (dashpot oil,
believe it or not) gave the best throttle response.
I know for a fact that John Twist advocates, nay, insists upon, using 90wt oil
in dashpots. His theory being how many times has that dashpot gone up and down
in the 50 or so years that the car has been around, and how much wear has
there been on the interface? He has a point, and if you are just toodling
around town, you won't notice the difference, if you drive hard, who knows,
its mostly SOP feel anyway.
>From the work that I did with the Spit, I'd put another set of dampers in and
use dashpot oil or 90 st whatever your gut tells you.
My experience and my $.02

Mark Haynes

Never heard of this as an intentional mod.  Unless someone
has installed a concealed electronic fuel injection.

But I have to ask..
1)How does it run presently?
2)Who took them out?

If it sputters and pops when you stomp on it then you just
found out why.

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