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Re: [Spridgets] removal front engine mounts

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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] removal front engine mounts
From: <bjshov8@tx.rr.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 14:57:00 -0500
Sounds like you have practice.  If it looks like I'm going to be getting a lot 
of practice, I may come up with a different plan.

I have pulled a lot of engines from American cars for overhauls and what not, 
but that was a long time ago.  With me being rusty, and having a much less 
ideal place to work, I won't tell you how long this one is taking me.

Good at it or not, there is still a lot of stuff to disconnect, fluids to 
drain, etc.  We used to pull an engine starting in the middle of the afternoon 
and have it completely disassembled by closing time.  The block, heads and 
sheet metal parts would go into our chemical vat for cleaning overnight.  The 
next morning everything would come out and be pressure washed, then it would 
take all day to reassemble the engine.  This included cleaning the pistons, and 
cleaning and grinding the valves and valve seats.  Then the morning of the 
third day we would put the engine back in and get it running.

> Being a sprite owner for 38 years I have my own system  for engine and 
> transmission removal, it takes me 1 hour from start to finish. I take a 
> little longer putting the engine and transmission back in, I don't want to 
> scratch the paint work. It takes me1.5 hours, with the hood installed  and 
> engine running, all on my own, its just like piece work, and I'm good at it.

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