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This working for or with other people is hard. I'm 68 now and the ship
started to tip over for me about 1982. Several witticisms I have come up
with, that people just ignore.

Most managers can't.
Dept. heads can't hire, and the Hiring Dept. doesn't know what the dept.
head needs.
...bill in corvallis
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Believe me, I know how fortunate I am to have "too much" work.  Every day I
have a hard time putting up with the guys at work that complain about doing
anything that remotely resembles work. They are unclear on the concept of
"employee" and "employer".  I tell them that BNSF is not asking them to do
the work for free.  They are paying you cash to do it and there are people
beating down the doors for your job!  Maybe the fact I turn 60 in February
makes me understand this more.  Heck, If I was fired, where would I go for
this much money I make on this job.  Who would hire a 60 year old anyway!
The bigger tragedy, how would I pay for my Austin Healeys!

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