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[Spridgets] Oh, That Sound.

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Subject: [Spridgets] Oh, That Sound.
From: "Richard Ball" <richb@u.washington.edu>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 21:17:23 -0800
You know the one.  That loud crashing you here from the comfort of your own
home when some guy runs into your car. no both of your.no make that all
three of your cars parked in front of you house.


So here's the story.  Guys driving down or street in his week old to him
2000 Dodge Dakota when he gets distracted, so he says.  He side swipes the
front of my Geo Tracker parked on one side of my driveway.  He continues on
and rear ends the Left corner of our Ford Escape which carries his Dodge and
our Ford into the back of. our midget.  The tracker has Left front fender
and wheel/alignment damage.  Ford has major rear body damage to the Left
rear corner.  The Midget came out pretty good.  It looks like the Ford's
bumper hit it square on the rear license plate and pushed it forward about
five feet.  We didn't notice it until after the Police left and I saw the
skid mark from it being pushed.  It hit it hard enough that there was a
couple foot gap between the Midget and the Ford when every thing came to
rest.  Damage looks to be minor so far.  The rear panel has two dents where
to license plate bracket mounts.  It pushed the panel in far enough that the
trunk lid handle hits the license plate when you try to open it.  I will
find a MG knowable shop and have them look at it a little closer.  Luckily
the kid has full coverage and wasn't hurt.


Rich Ball

'76 Midget

Everett, Wa

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