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[Spridgets] NOT spridget related - 94 Toyota Corolla strut problem

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Subject: [Spridgets] NOT spridget related - 94 Toyota Corolla strut problem
From: Rick Bastedo <rbastedo@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 10:19:36 -0800
My oldest daughter is an artist who is out on her own and loves her
She is going to college and working a low paying retail job trying to save
money and also has MS.
I'm totally impressed by all that she is accomplishing, and the thing is she
wants to do it herself.
However she also knows when to call her dad and ask for help.
Last week we had some bad weather here and she was on her way home from work
around 10PM on a small little country road when a "big SUV" came "barreling"
down on her with bright lights on "in her lane".
The short of it was she took evasive action into the ditch and got her car
out herself but had a flat tire so she called me.
I found the tire not looking good, she had a spare and a jack which I found
and proceeded to change the tire for her.
When I jacked up the car it seemed the strut just dangled, no longer
attached at the top.
I put the spare on and then let it back down. I gave it a little test drive
and everything felt OK but I told her to get it to the tire place in the
morning and have them look it over.
I talked to the tire place, the guy said the tire was destroyed and she had
to buy a new one.
He said the strut wasn't right but didn't know what it would take to fix it.
I take that as - "this is going to cost you big time".
I told him I'd take care of it.
Please understand that I have zero experience with struts. I haven't a clue
what to do about this or even much of what I was looking at.
Does this happen because the top part breaks loose or does the whole strut
need to be replaced?
Any sort of help in that direction would be great.
She doesn't want to pay a lot to get this fixed, but wants to do it herself
(pay for it that is - she's happy if I do the work).
I usually have her at least stick around while I work on her car just in
case she might possibly learn something, but she isn't really into wrenching
anything herself.
I thought for a while before sending this out to the list, I'm sure there's
a lot of you our there who have 'been there done that' with this kind of

Rick Bastedo

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