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From: Mike Rambour <lists@dinospider.com>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 14:35:24 -0700
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  I just signed up on the Mini list but based on the archives its pretty 
un-busy :)

  If anyone knows of a Mini for sale, let me know.  No, I don't need to 
know about $20,000 ones, this is going to be a daddy-daughter project.

  I can weld but I prefer not too and my daughter can do the motor, 
etc.  so I guess something not too rusty would be nice but it appears 
from research that a lot of panels are available if I needed to redo the 
floor etc.   I found a shell nearby, but it is only  a shell, no title, 
no vin tag and the back end has already been cut up to fit a RS1 motor 
and BMW E30 swing arms, no interior, no glass, no nothing,  seems to 
much work for us to consider (and I think he wants WAY too much money 
for it anyway).   Looking at that "rose" one on Ebay but the rust seems 
pretty extensive, however the price is our range, if only it was on this 
coast.  This will be my daughters daily driver when done.

  Oh yeah, one item, pre-1974 so NO SMOG in Calif. is important, not 
that we are going to trick out the motor and create smog, just that her 
96 318ti is NOT passing smog yet again this year, due to ODBII issues, 
it passes  the tailpipe sniff test but fails ODBII, we (SHE) want to get 
away from that crap completely.  I have been looking on mini mania but a 
ton of ads seems quite old and sold.  RHD would be cool, but not required.



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