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From: Dave Yealy <lbc@littlebitcountry.com>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 19:09:03 -0400
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Try http://Searchtempest.com and set in your mileage you want to 
travel. That is where I found my right hand drive Mini, 30 miles from my house.


5:35 PM 9/24/2013, you wrote:
>  I just signed up on the Mini list but based on the archives its 
> pretty un-busy :)
>  If anyone knows of a Mini for sale, let me know.  No, I don't need 
> to know about $20,000 ones, this is going to be a daddy-daughter project.
>  I can weld but I prefer not too and my daughter can do the motor, 
> etc.  so I guess something not too rusty would be nice but it 
> appears from research that a lot of panels are available if I 
> needed to redo the floor etc.   I found a shell nearby, but it is 
> only  a shell, no title, no vin tag and the back end has already 
> been cut up to fit a RS1 motor and BMW E30 swing arms, no interior, 
> no glass, no nothing,  seems to much work for us to consider (and I 
> think he wants WAY too much money for it anyway).   Looking at that 
> "rose" one on Ebay but the rust seems pretty extensive, however the 
> price is our range, if only it was on this coast.  This will be my 
> daughters daily driver when done.
>  Oh yeah, one item, pre-1974 so NO SMOG in Calif. is important, not 
> that we are going to trick out the motor and create smog, just that 
> her 96 318ti is NOT passing smog yet again this year, due to ODBII 
> issues, it passes  the tailpipe sniff test but fails ODBII, we 
> (SHE) want to get away from that crap completely.  I have been 
> looking on mini mania but a ton of ads seems quite old and 
> sold.  RHD would be cool, but not required.
>     mike


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