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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Bugeye/Frogeye Club..... Racer guys Engine help
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Sync dual SU Volvo carbs (prior to 1970's) ...Bill in Oregon

1.  warm up engine

2.  Screw up mixture nuts all the way and then down 2 turns.

      up = leaner, down = richer. (this is the nut at the bottom of the

3.  loosen up throttle shaft couplings

4.  adjust idles so carb air intake is the same, engine running (use

5.  run adjuster nut down until smooth running; or up until rough running
and then back down

6.  adjust idles so they are the same(repeat back and forth steps 4 thru 6)

       Stall indicates other carb is too lean when you push up the piston
pin at the side of the carb (so you'd turn down on its richness adjustment

7.  do a final idle check on both carbs using Unisync.

8.  tighten nuts on throttle shafts

If you need to avoid blocking holes on face of carb with Unisync base, cut
off both ends of a can. I use and old STP Gas Treatment can (8 oz.) or a
Hunt's Tomato Paste can (6 oz.) Rubber tape around the card end can prevent
air leakage there if that appears to be a problem. 
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Lester (and all),

Another setup tip for the carbs - remove the piston and using the back end
of a caliper or similar, lower the jets on each carb so they are .060 below
flush with the bridge. This takes variability out of the initial setup and
gives you a much more accurate baseline than counting flats. 

Ron Soave


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