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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Racer guys Engine help
From: Ewing <oldsaabguy@comcast.net>
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 14:25:25 -0500
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It won't run at all.

Yes, I am familiar with 4 stroke performance cams and a "loping" idle

I have changed distributors.

I have messed with timing.

I have messed with carburation (richer and leaner jet adjustment )

I still get backfiring through carb (front) and I have always had lousy power.
This is butt dyne.  I previously had a dead stock 948 and then I added a
Judson.  This has less "umph" than either of those.

I have not changed carbs nor have I removed and rebuilt but that's an option
and maybe my next thing to do as previously I had planned on gaining access to
the gears and chain to verify proper timing.

Yes, I have rebuilt SU Carbs before.  Yes I can sync multiple carbs  (The
E-Type has 3!).  NO, I don't use a Unisyn but a really neat older unit whose
manufacturer escapes me at present. No, I don't have any other needles..
well.. that's not strictly true, I have about 4 but as all of the needles have
the same diameter at idle it doesn't much matter.

I'll try that this weekend or sooner if it stays cool.

I know that this sounds like I'm pissed and I am, mostly at myself as I hate
not being able to diagnose a problem on so simple a car.


On Jul 15, 2014, at 1:03 PM, "sprideteer@yahoo.com [bugeye]"
<bugeye@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

> One cylinder @ 185 isn't going to make a difference you can feel on the
road.  It "could" have a broken ring in that cylinder, but I'll bet not.  In
fact I'll wager you find nothing obvious if you tear it down.
> I think your lack of power is something external - carburetion, ignition.
> Or are you just expecting too much?  Can you get it on a dyno to adjust
carbs and ign?   I'd expect a medium hot 1380 to make maybe 75-80 HP at the
rear wheels.  100-110 HP for a balls-out race engine.


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