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Re: [Spridgets] Racer guys Engine help

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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Racer guys Engine help
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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2014 17:07:27 -0500
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What Mike said.....    I've seen this happen before too.  On my MKIII
Midget I have to rotate the dizzy 180 degrees from where it *should* be.
You could try that too.  I've known a number of different 4 bangers where
the dizzy was 180 degrees out.


On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 4:07 PM, Mike Rambour <lists@dinospider.com> wrote:

>  40 years ago when I was a stupid teenager who knew it all, I spent 2 days
> trying to get a engine to fire, it kept spitting back through the carbs and
> not running.  On the second day I was going through everything and checking
> valve clearances...Following the firing order 1,3,4,2   then my girlfriend
> said "if 3 comes after 1, why did 4 intake valve open ?" or something like
> that.   40 years and I still hear about it from her (married 36 years now).
>  Some idiot has put in a new cam that had a different firing order,
>  1,2,4,3 is what the cam was, I have no idea where that cam came from it
> was in the boxes with the block and other motor parts when I bought the
> basket case and I never checked it just assumed it was right.   So check
> your firing order !   take off the valve cover, set motor at TDC and double
> check valve timing, then rotate motor watching both valves and rotor on
> distributor (I think you said it was electronic so oops if it is).   This
> will take 5 minutes to do and eliminate a 1,000 possible things wrong and
> you will now be able to diagnose from a known starting point.  And keep
> your gf away or she might fix it and remind you for decades.
>  I personally can't imagine how a carb could cause backfiring through the
> carbs unless you forgot to put parts in or like that. So for fire to get to
> the carb it has to be valve timing is way off or ignition timing is way
> off.  Yeah, I suppose really really bad valve clearances could cause the
> symptoms you are seeing but that would be the last thing I would check.
>   Mike
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