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VSCDA Group 2 yahoo conference

To: "Vintage-Race@Autox.Team.Net" <>,
Subject: VSCDA Group 2 yahoo conference
From: "Wm. Severin Thompson" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 10:37:19 -0600


I propose a Yahoo voice conference, scheduled in the very near future
(sometime this weekend is OK with me) to discuss realities, perceptions, and
solutions for the changes necessary for many Group 2 folks going into the
2007 season. As you know, brakes, weight, and displacement will be getting
the first look, in 2006. No penalties or sanctions will be imposed on cars
this year, but you will be notified of areas needing change to be compliant.


Yahoo Messenger provides a free venue for typewritten, as well as audio &
video conferencing. If you need instructions on how to participate, please
contact me at


Briefly, go to Get a Yahoo ID. Download Yahoo Messenger. Add
"Floundervision" to your contacts. You'll receive an invite to join the
conference (date & time to be determined).


Please indicate if you're interested in participating.


Wm. Severin Thompson <> 

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