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Subject: Re: [Tigers] ...body modifications...
From: "michael king" <michael.s.king@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 09:41:11 +1100
As for what makes a Tiger not a Tiger it's interesting to see the
argument as deviation from standard spec (as opposed to the normal
Alger debate)

I would say this:

A car that is manufactured a Tiger is a Tiger as long as it retains
the core components of its original manufacture, and the modifications
that are performed are reversible. In that, if the original body unit
is largely intact the car retains its bloodline. Things like engines
(as in various iterations of the Ford V8) wheels etc can all be
changed without much trouble and can be changed back.

There are 2 issues I think that bring the modification destroying the
lineage issue undone. Tigers have a history of modification. Rootes
LAT options include various vents, flares, alternative bonnets; wheels
air cleaners etc, so doing some of these to your car doesn't remove
its tiger lineage.

Then think of this argument: A complete stock restoration to factory
spec with new floors, sills, valence vs A car with all original panels
but modified scuttle and flared guards.. It's the modified car with
more original Rootes content than the stock spec car.

I am strongly against changing ID tags on cars, that's outright fraud.
You can probably make an Alger that's indistinguishable from a factory
car, but that doesn't means its a real Tiger, just that its a very
accurate replica, and should be acknowledged as just that. However
cutting your scuttle to fit a set of Webers does not make the car
anything other than a modified tiger.

Also I appreciate the point of the original prototype tigers and the
LeManns mule car actually being very much alpine based, but as the
factory commissioned/converted these cars they obviously can lay claim
to tiger heritage (not to mention the fact they instigated the
production cars)

All in all, I think the core components of the body are where the
heritage is retained. My car has a 5Ltr V8, 14" wheels and updated
brakes and a stock body. It's TAC'ed and to me is a lightly modified
Tiger, that if need be, could be returned to stock. I would not put a
5 speed in a tiger, to me that ruins the character of the car (even if
it does improve it for cruising etc) but if someone does it doesn't
mean the car is not a Tiger.

As for the stock guys out there.. I am really glad you are keeping the
cars as manufactured, I think its important to have true
representations of the cars as manufactured.. If I could own a second
tiger it would be dead stock (hope one day I can) but for the moment I
want one with a little more grunt and some nice Panasport wheels..


Michael King


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