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Re: BTDT (was : Making Metal Brake Lines) (no LBC content)

Subject: Re: BTDT (was : Making Metal Brake Lines) (no LBC content)
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 13:17:39 -0500
>> And how much older than dirt ARE you, Phil ?  BTDTGTTS has been around
since the
>> dark days before the Internet, when a 1200 baud modem was fast ...
>I can never keep track of all the acronyms.  But I agree with Randall, 
>"and I got the t-ee shirt" was a marketing phrase used several decades 
>ago that got applied to just about everything for a while.  Is your 
>daughter in her fifties?

No, I am.  

Beth's contemporaries are apparently as ignorant of the history of this
phrase as I.  Interestingly, her older sister was also promoting this
concept, although it was never claimed by Beth herself.  So I don't know
whether she independently coined this phrase or unwittingly sponged it
Robin-Williams-style.  I'm guessing that none of these junior-high-school
kids had ever heard any of this before.

These are the same kids that taught me what a "wife-beater" is.  Hint: 
it's an article of clothing.  And what it means to feel "crunchy".  No, I
don't know who invented them, either, but it's stuff I remember they said
about a decade ago.

I feel old.  And a little bit crunchy, too.  

Phil "I don't wear wife-beaters" Ethier

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