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Things that cause a "miss"

To: "'Triumph List'" <>
Subject: Things that cause a "miss"
From: "Bob Danielson" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 14:35:17 -0400
Ever since the bad rotor/condenser thread a few weeks ago, my TR6 has
developed a bad miss after running great for 2 years. I think the obvious
things that can cause a miss are bad: points, condenser, rotor, dizzy cap,
plug wires, plugs and/or coil. How about valves needing adjustment? 

I didn't think that timing can cause a miss. If your timing is off the
symptoms are: high/low idle, pinging, down on power. Is that correct?  
I put in new points, condenser, rotor and dizzy cap and all that did was
make things worse! Seeing as I have 3 new sets of each I'll try and swap out
various combinations to rule out good vs bad components.
So far I've stayed away from touching the carbs because I seem to recall
someone saying that carburetor is French for electrical....or something like
that. So I'll continue to focus on the ignition side of things. The coil
registers a solid 12 volts on the multimeter so I'm guessing that's good. I
checked continuity of all the plug wires and they seem OK. Is there any way
to check a condenser, rotor or dizzy cap?

Any help would be welcome.


Bob Danielson
1975 TR6 with a bad miss

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