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Re: snake oils

To: Gerald Brazil <>
Subject: Re: snake oils
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 07:04:19 -0500
Why do you use that process for adding rather than just dump it in and
why not use a whole can? Doesn't Mr. Molly have a different products for
transmissions and rear ends?
A motorcycle mechanic told me that using moly in a wet clutch would
eventually cause the plates to slip. I recall hearing that it can cause
some problems in a transmission by making the surfaces too slippery, but
don't recall what the specific problem was. 
Another interesting tidbit from the mc mechanic  was that mc engines
that had used Pennsylvania based motor oils were much cleaner than other
oils because of Pa. oils were paraffin based rather that asphalt based.

Gerald Brazil wrote:
> I am one of the evangelists for moly. I use it in both transmission (about
> an oz) and in the engine.
> Have had two occasions where I lost coolant and overheated the engine BIG
> TIME and when I tore the engines down and inspected them, found that
> everything was perfect.
> I don't put moly in until after a new engine is broken in. I recent add moly
> to an engine that had been rebuilt and broken in. I warmed up the engine and
> oil and diluted the moly in about a pint of oil (I had left the engine low
> after changing it). I had the idle set at 1500 as I added the moly, the
> engine crept up to 2000. I set it back down to 1500. By the time I got it
> all in the engine was back up to 1800. Set it back to 1500 again and it
> stabilized.
> A True Believer

George Davidson

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