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101. Re: MG vs. others (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 03 Jan 1997 10:47:54 -0600
You ever play poker? Or go shooting? If I don't diss the cockroaches that I hang with, they think that there is something wrong. The shinier the car, the uglier I make it out to be. If you KNOW your
/html/mgs/1997-01/msg00149.html (8,805 bytes)

102. RE: MGB cat converters (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 13 Jan 1997 14:59:16 -0600
I'd lighten up. The message was hardly a blast. My vote is to hear this kind of posting now and again, if it is a special deal. A. B. Bonds
/html/mgs/1997-01/msg00720.html (7,610 bytes)

103. Re: Cylynder bore damage (and repair ??) (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 13 Jan 1997 17:00:14 -0600
The sleeves are the same inside diameter as specified originally. A. B. Bonds
/html/mgs/1997-01/msg00730.html (7,937 bytes)

104. Re: Auto Auction (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 14 Jan 1997 08:55:43 -0600
IMHO the Kruses have done more to ruin the care and feeding of old autos than any other single force, EPA included. Their profiteering on madness is beyond criminal. Don't expect any bargains here, f
/html/mgs/1997-01/msg00765.html (6,974 bytes)

105. Re: Miscellaneous questions... (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 15 Jan 1997 10:27:16 -0600
The engine should be all black. Welding cast iron is possible but very tricky. There is an outfit in Idaho (!) that specializes in this process and guarantees their work--don't have the reference off
/html/mgs/1997-01/msg00848.html (7,949 bytes)

106. Re: Metrinch tools (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 16 Jan 1997 08:45:18 -0600
I have a set of similar tools, but not by Metrinch. They work fairly well on SAE (American) and metric hardware. **They do NOT work well on Whitworth (BSF) hardware.** The sizes are not quite right,
/html/mgs/1997-01/msg00897.html (7,452 bytes)

107. Re: Rust on my head! HELP! (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 17 Jan 1997 14:26:12 -0600
Coat the surface with light oil and block sand it with metal-finishing sand paper--start with some 240 grit and finish with 400. 600 is overkill. Then, clean it thoroughly by washing with soap and wa
/html/mgs/1997-01/msg00939.html (7,535 bytes)

108. Re: SU Throttle Shafts (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 22 Jan 1997 10:28:06 -0600
The wear in the bushings and throttle shafts is nearly always asymmetric, since it comes mainly from the tension thrown off the return spring. If your ream the bushings for oversize throttle shafts,
/html/mgs/1997-01/msg01174.html (7,498 bytes)

109. Re: Finish questions (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 27 Jan 1997 12:38:36 -0600
It's like sand blasting, but very fine glass beads are used to prevent too much removal of base material. It yields a very nice matte finish. In general, items to be blasted are removed from the engi
/html/mgs/1997-01/msg01390.html (7,970 bytes)

110. Re: MGB camshaft selection (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 27 Jan 1997 12:42:09 -0600
Talk with Steve at Northwest Import Parts. He sells a Delta regrind that is a mild street cam for about $70 (exchange). I've got one and it works just fine. Has only a little lumpiness in the idle an
/html/mgs/1997-01/msg01391.html (7,087 bytes)

111. Re: For your information/info bout TC's (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 28 Jan 1997 14:58:23 -0600
Riiight. Shows ta go you how valuable the car-price guides are. The low end has gone up to about $5-6,000, the high end to about $24,000 but that's over 15 years, not five. All old car prices are dem
/html/mgs/1997-01/msg01446.html (7,547 bytes)

112. Re: Powder Coating 101 (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 29 Jan 1997 14:25:18 -0600
Powdercoating requires specialized equipment of such a scale and expense that it is beyond the capabilities of most individuals. Short primer: Take it to the powdercoating shop. End of primer. A. B.
/html/mgs/1997-01/msg01503.html (6,875 bytes)

113. Re: Holy Matrimony (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 02 Dec 1996 13:13:27 -0600
Fools aren't born. They are made by beautiful women with time on their hands. A. B. Bonds
/html/mgs/1996-12/msg00057.html (7,042 bytes)

114. Re: Rotor pos. on an MGB (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 02 Dec 1996 17:20:45 -0600
Yes, but they all had the offset driving dog. You can insert the gear (with the dog on it) in any of eight orientations with respect to the cam, which is the issue that had arisen. A. B. Bonds
/html/mgs/1996-12/msg00071.html (7,635 bytes)

115. Re: Best way to change tranny & axle oil? (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 03 Dec 1996 09:00:50 -0600
OK, guys and gals, one more time. These questions can be answered if you have an owner's manual and a shop manual. They are the authoritative source to issues like "what lube to use" or "how many way
/html/mgs/1996-12/msg00106.html (9,972 bytes)

116. RE: Best way to become informed? (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 03 Dec 1996 12:54:48 -0600
I'm gonna call you on that one, podnah. The official MG shop manual specifies engine oil for the tranny. This isn't worth arguing about. Where I am going to pick some nits is to challenge you to find
/html/mgs/1996-12/msg00116.html (8,004 bytes)

117. Re: Squealing Pads. (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 04 Dec 1996 08:39:42 -0600
Manual doesn't deal with metallic pads.... Them's one o' them newfangled developments. Metallic pads will squeal, although this tends to abate as they set in. There is some orange goo made by CRC tha
/html/mgs/1996-12/msg00174.html (7,866 bytes)

118. Re: '73 B Timing (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 09 Dec 1996 14:42:31 -0600
I appreciate your looking for a proper manual (no, I don't own stock in Bentley). The '73 (18v) engine has the timing marks on the upper timing case, passenger side of the engine. There may be four
/html/mgs/1996-12/msg00954.html (8,299 bytes)

119. Re: Cheers and Farewell (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 11 Dec 1996 14:00:26 -0600
You folks are just amazing. Here is a guy who spends an immense amount of time juggling servers and stupid mail systems to provide an extraordinarily useful service, for no compensation, and when he
/html/mgs/1996-12/msg01053.html (7,507 bytes)

120. Re: Polishing Spinners (score: 1)
Author: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 11 Dec 1996 16:25:51 -0600
Try either "Nevr-Dull" polishing wadding (usually available from antique dealers) or Simichrome (knife dealers, gun shops, motorcycle shops, etc). If those don't restore the shine, you may need to ge
/html/mgs/1996-12/msg01081.html (7,377 bytes)

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