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1. Midget Wiper motor: 2speed ? (score: 1)
Author: Eric Bartels <>
Date: Sat, 3 Aug 1996 23:22:52 +0100 (BST)
Hi out there, thanks a lot to all who replied to my last question about anti roll bars. here's my next problem: my Midget has a wiper switch with 3 positions: Off-ON and ? I have no manual for the ca
/html/mgs/1996-08/msg00115.html (6,751 bytes)

2. Re: Midget Wiper motor: 2speed ? (score: 1)
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 1996 16:59:43 -0400
I think if you time the # of swipes your wiper makes in each switch position you will find you have two speeds. The high speed will probably contribute about one or two swipes per minute more than t
/html/mgs/1996-08/msg00129.html (6,832 bytes)

3. Re: Midget Wiper motor: 2speed ? (score: 1)
Author: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 96 14:49:54 PDT
Eric asked: I have a bumper sticker with the legend, "Three position Lucas switch" and a picture of a Lucas toggle switch with the three positions labelled Dim, Flicker, and Off. This sticker is not
/html/mgs/1996-08/msg00358.html (7,790 bytes)

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