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RE: Squealing throw-out bearings

To: Lizirbydavis@cs.com
Subject: RE: Squealing throw-out bearings
From: tr6taylor@webtv.net (Sally or Dick Taylor)
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 22:48:54 -0700 (PDT)
Joe, and others interested---I know this subject has been a beaten one,
but new listers join us regularly. The Koyo bearings appear to be well
made. It is heavy, stout, & well sealed. It's heaviness may have
something to do with its reluctance to get up to clutch speed quickly,
and hence the initial squeal.  I tried two different ones. One with the
B&B cranked finger clutch, which squealed not long after installing this
combo. Complaining to TRF, they sent me another new one. I installed
this one with an old, flat-fingered B&B clutch, and this time put a mild
pre-load on it. Shortly after, this clutch started slipping. (Then I
remembered why I took it out a dozen years ago!) However, the bearing
itself didn't squeal, and I still have it under the bench. (I did toss
the clutch)

When Nelson asked if I wanted to participate in a new type throwout
bearing test, namely the Gunst, I told him "Yes, as I was about to
change the clutch anyway, and this would be a good time."

It has been in for over a year, it's preloaded per the instructions and
supplied parts, and I use the (newer style) B&B cranked finger clutch.  

So, Joe... Why does your KOYO squeal with the flat fingered Sachs?
There are at least two possibilities...The clutch and bearing are
operating in non-concentric circles. Could be from a possible
mis-alignment between bellhousing and engine backplate, OR too much
clearance between the t/o bearing sleeve and the front cover it rides
on.     OR the bearing itself is dry. (not likely) 

You'll be able to tell which, if it's any of the above, at the next tear

Dick Taylor

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