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RE: TR6 Running Rich - Update

To: "Sally or Dick Taylor" <tr6taylor@webtv.net>
Subject: RE: TR6 Running Rich - Update
From: "Steve Hanselman" <tr6@kc4sw.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 19:01:44 -0700

What float level do you recommend.  I think(underline think) that mine are
at 17mm.  When you say to rich, does this equate to too high.  Mine has a
stutter, and 5 of the 6 plugs are dark after extensive idle, of course I
have one that's light.  After a run with quick shutdown they are all light
white to chocoloate.

I have had dubious results with the "lift the slide test

Does this sound like a drop the needle a half turn??


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Gary and Chip---I really can't say exactly what's going on with the
in-line fuel pressure gauge reading "Zero" yet fuel is present (?) at
the carbs. Pressure gauges that I've come across will register both
liquid and/or air (like the one in the dash for oil pressure).  Any
"hole" in the system would mean that fuel would have to pouring out
somewhere. I doubt that this engine could use all that a five lb.
electric fuel pump could deliver.

Chip's other problem of the engine not running well below 2,000 rpm, yet
comes on strong once above this, is a symptom of either incorrectly set
(high) float levels,  the pump over powering the float valves, wrong
carb needles (too rich at their idle stations), or ignition timing not
coming in soon enough. When such is the case, the engine has to cough
out raw fuel before it will respond well.  I'm sure this will all be
figured out, in time. Anyone who likes to modify their cars has to find
some pleasure in "fixing" it.


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