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Subject: Re: parts car
From: acekraut11@aol.com
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 00:49:50 -0500
My opinion, (which is worth about as much as the parts car)...not much. 
  Especially if you are buying it.  Worth a little more if it is a parts 
car you are selling.  Just because the door gaps look good doesnt mean 
the frame is any good at all.  Offer $50 and see where they go from 
there.  My friend and I paid $400 for two parts cars that were in worse 
rust condition than your described car but also both had a full 
drivetrain.  The non-sarcastic, honest answer would be it is worth what 
the seller will part with it for.  In some instances free or paying you 
to get rid of it might be possible.

Best of Luck,


Aaron Cropley
71 TR6 (Throttle Body Injection!)
Topsham, Maine

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Subject: parts car

   how  much would a parts car be worth.The  car i have  seen  is a bit 
of a
basket  case.
but it appear  to  have good outer panels fenders, rear deck lid  the 
hood is
a little  iffy.the floors are  rusted but  the  bumpers look good along 
the grille and  the taillight assemblies  look complete. the  door gaps 
ok so  the  frame   might  be good i have  only seen it at night and 
really detailed  at  that. a ball park figure of  what it might  be   
and im  pretty sure the  front and rear suspension is intact.  thanks 
any ideas on  a price.there is no engine or trans  mission.

71 tr6

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