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[6pack] TR6 Alignment Specs.

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Subject: [6pack] TR6 Alignment Specs.
From: mdesenberg@comcast.net
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2007 16:44:28 +0000
I have an appointment tomorrow to get my 6 aligned I sent a post the other day 
requesting the preferred alignment specs for a 6 and still need some help. In 
Bentley's page 45 under general specs they list the rear camber as 1 deg, neg, 
+/- 1/2, (-1/2 to -1 1/2 deg). In the rear suspension section , 64.25.17, they 
specify the rear camber range from +1 to -1/4. If my aging memory is correct, I 
recall that the preferred target is 1/2 deg neg. I have installed the 
adjustable brackets so I should be able to get it right on. Is 1/2 neg correct 
for the rear camber?

Thanks for the help.

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