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Re: [6pack] [Fot] Oil Filter Adapter

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Subject: Re: [6pack] [Fot] Oil Filter Adapter
From: TRDOCTOR@aol.com
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 05:48:49 EST
I was trying to eliminate the drain back of oil when not running, but, I  
guess that I will just stick with the canister even though it is a PITA to  
change the filter.  I'll just make sure that I have a good filter.   The one 
I put in there was a VB brand (whatever that is) but in the future I  will 
stock up on some others.
When we bought the car I was sure that it was the same filter as the TR6,  s
ince it is the same configuration, but that turned out not to be the  case. 
 The TR6 filter is bigger in diameter and deeper.  
Sam and Carol Clark
Green Country Triumphs (Tulsa)
Just stick with the original filter. My mechanic says they're better for  
reasons. I know lots of folks love the spin on, so I'm not trying to  start 
big thread on which is better. Just my opinion.

Sloane  :)

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