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To: "Richard Lindsay" <richardolindsay@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [6pack] Keys
From: Lee Daniels via 6pack <6pack@autox.team.net>
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2019 01:03:03 -0500
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Hi Rick,

I think you want to contact Pete Groh at "British Car Keys". See
He used to occasionally post to the british car email lists but I haven't seen
anything from him in a long time. But the web site is still active so someone
is paying the web-hosting bill.
 The web site has email and phone number for Pete.


On Mon, July 22, 2019 06:38, Richard Lindsay via 6pack wrote:
> Hello Friends,
> I have a '75 TR6 in fantastic condition, except for paint. Before
> sending it to the painter I would like to get a second ignition key. However,
> the hardware store guys can't cut a working key, even from my known correct
> key blanks. Its the unequal 'shoulders', polarized format, and offset pins
> that throws them. I guess I'm going to have to go to an old fashioned
> locksmith to have the keys cut. Any suggestions? Have you faced this problem?
> Rick
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