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Re: Question for rear end experts

To: Ed Esslinger <>
Subject: Re: Question for rear end experts
From: Jeff Howarth <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 16:08:09 +0100
Hi Ed,

most LRX cars series 4 and 5 seem to have the 4.22 ratio. I guess it was
for stop light racing !!

The over drive standard set up is with a 4.22 and you will notice the
big difference in engine revs when you engage OD.

You can also fit the 3.89 to an OD car which reduces revs still further.
(around 8%)

Have fun with the OD


In message <000701c0fc80$d537ef00$f5c32fd8@oemcomputer>, Ed Esslinger
<> writes
> I'm Confused --  My work shop manual (WSM-145 page 23) indicates that the
>standard 1725 Alpine has a 3.89 rear end, with overdrive it's 4.22.
>   On page 15  Road speed /Engine speed there is an indication  that all
>North American cars had 4.22 rear ends, when you compare the overdrive
>speeds to standard. I hope this is true as I have installed an overdrive. Is
>there any way to tell by serial numbers?--  Ed
>Cool Cat Eddie ,1 S3 GT,3 S4's, 2 S5's, 2 MK1 Tigers
>Deep South Rep TE/AE

Jeff Howarth

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