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Re: Question for rear end experts

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Subject: Re: Question for rear end experts
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Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 13:14:57 -0700
Ed, Someone on the list can surely give you the details, but basically, all
north American Series 5's came with 4.22 ratios up to a certain serial
number in the 10,000 or 11,000 range, whether they had O/D or not. Of
course, any car should be tested to see what is in it because after 30 some
years, who knows what is in there. I don't know of any serial numbers on the
axles, but the best way to tell is to jack up one rear wheel of the car,
take up the lash in the wheel and mark the ground. Put the car in 4th gear,
and hand crank the engine 4 complete turns. If the wheel turned one complete
turn or more, it is a 3.89. If it wasn't quite a turn, then it is a 4.22.
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Subject: Question for rear end experts

> I'm Confused --  My work shop manual (WSM-145 page 23) indicates that the
> standard 1725 Alpine has a 3.89 rear end, with overdrive it's 4.22.
>    On page 15  Road speed /Engine speed there is an indication  that all
> North American cars had 4.22 rear ends, when you compare the overdrive
> speeds to standard. I hope this is true as I have installed an overdrive.
> there any way to tell by serial numbers?--  Ed
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