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Re: Series Seats

Subject: Re: Series Seats
From: Ian Spencer <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 18:41:06 -0400
The Series I and II seats are all one piece and don't recline. The
bottom frame is more like a pan and not really a frame. The foam rests
inside of it. Does someone have a picture of one of these seats handy? wrote:
> Ian,
> So what do the series 1 and 2 seat frames look like?  I have a set of seats I 
>am tring to identify.  They came in a series 2 with a "B90" serial # but I 
>don't think they are Alpine seats.
> Paul

Ian Spencer <>
'61 Series II Alpine B9104704 LRX
'61 Harrington Alpine B9104782 OD HRO
'62 Harrington Le Mans BH9115930 OD LRX
'62 Harrington Le Mans BH9116754 OD LRX
'62 Harrington Le Mans BH9117497 OD LRX
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'67 Series V Alpine B395016967 LRX

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